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    Protect Your Brand

    Brand Identity Protection & Management is critical to every organization and this task can be achieved with LCI Global’s Web to Print Solution.

    1. Version Control - Only the latest approved versions of your printed marketing collateral will be available to users on your 24/7 Web to Print Storefront. Obsolete versions of marketing collateral can easily & quickly be removed or deactivated, ensuring that only up to date print collateral is available to your users. Revision and/or Reviewed dates can be listed in the product description, making it easy to identify dated items that may need to be revised & refreshed.

    2. Compliance - Conforming to corporate marketing & purchasing guidelines can be made easier, regardless of where users are located, by ordering marketing collateral through your 24/7 Web to Print Storefront. This of course will help reduce both the amount of bootleg collateral that is created & the misuse of your company’s logo.

    3. Variable Templates - Locked down branded areas of your marketing collateral are created to provide the brand consistency that you need, yet allow for variable or personalized information to be added as well.

    4. Mass Adoption - Driven by ease of use, a unified ordering process can greatly improve your company’s ability to service both internal & external clients. Marketing executives act as approvers and can easily approve, edit or decline variable orders that are submitted by users. As an approver, you will have all of the control that you will need to properly manage your company’s brand.